Cardiac Diabetic Drugs Manufacturers in Ludhiana

WHC World Healthcare

Supplies In :Ludhiana

Member Since :2023

Our products are made by the GMP requirements that are provided to pharmaceutical companies in India. Before releasing a product onto the market, we test it under several quality standards. Pharma Products' manufacturing processes are overseen by experts who know how to do their jobs as efficiently as possible

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Metlar Formulations

Supplies In :Ludhiana

Member Since :2023

We are the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, offering pharma tablets, capsules, injectables, syrups, dry syrups, soft-gel capsules, ointments, and more. Our pharmaceutical product manufacturing process is closely supervised by knowledgeable pharmacists. Thus, the greatest choice for you if you're looking to open a Pharma franchise in India is Metlar Formulations. We rank among the top pharmaceutical franchises in India. We invite different Pharma distributors and dealers from around India to become our franchisees for our Pharma products in their localities. We would like to use this opportunity to promote ourselves as a reputable supplier and service provider of pharmaceutical products. We are dedicated to helping people maintain their health by offering high-quality medicines at reasonable costs.

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