Gynae PCD Pharma Companies in Kathua

Jabs Biotech

Supplies In :Kathua

Member Since :2023

Jabs Biotech PVT LTD conducts research and produces medicine that is available to everyone. We produce and market an excellent selection of medications at reasonable costs, all while adhering to global regulations. Jabs Biotech has great R&D facilities skills since it is driven by innovation. By means of our superior product line and commercial prospects, we want to attain the forefront position in both the local and global markets.

Deals In :Pediatric,Ayurvedic,Syrups,Softgelatin,Tablets



Fortune Labs International Private Limited

Supplies In :Kathua

Member Since :2023

Fortune Labs, run by our Managing Experts, is always changing and equipped with the newest chemicals. We offer a range of formulations, such as injectables, tablets, and new drugs that have received DCGI approval. These include anti-psychotic meds, cold and allergy remedies, antibiotics, and anti-infectives. In addition, we provide hormones, cardiovascular medications, gastrointestinal, antiemetic, and antiulcerants, haematirics, nutritional supplements, and supplements related to neurology. We offer a variety of products such as protein, sachets, dry powder, injectables, ointments, eye and ear/nasal drops, tablets, syrup, and Ayurvedic items. Our first goal is quality, and these are made in accordance with WHO GMP norms, so you can be sure they'll meet strict requirements.

Deals In :Injectables,Syrups,Capsules,Tablets



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