Neuro Psychiatry PCD Companies in Mohali

Criticine Care

Supplies In :Mohali

Member Since :2023

One of the Critical Care Injectable Companies with the quickest rate of growth, Criticine Care offers an amazing selection of Critical Care Injections at competitive costs. Our company has grown to be one of the most valuable pharmaceutical firms in India through constant research, design, innovation, and production of a flawless variety of healthcare products that comply with the strictest regulatory requirements. We operate with an unwavering vision to pinpoint our client's needs and provide them with a premium injectable variety throughout all of India.

Deals In :Drops,Dental,Ayurvedic,Injectables,Syrups,Softgelatin,Capsules,Tablets



Eskos Pharma

Supplies In :Mohali

Member Since :2023

One of the most well-known and respected PCD pharmaceutical firms is Eskos Pharma. Our goal is to help people live healthy lives by developing, manufacturing, distributing, and offering reasonably priced, effective medications that meet medical requirements. Effective tablets, capsules, syrups, eye drops, Ayurvedic/Herbal, gel, and much more are developed by our Pharma Company. All of our goods are made by the GMP requirements that are provided to Indian pharmaceutical companies. Before releasing a product onto the market, we test it under several quality standards. Experts in carrying out their tasks with maximum efficiency oversee each phase of the manufacturing process.

Deals In :Syrups,Softgelatin,Capsules,Tablets



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